What do I need to know about groupthink?

The Irrational Tech: Part 3

Julia Clavien
3 min readNov 5, 2016


This is a series. Find Part 0 here.

We often assume problems are easier to solve when a group come together.

However, have you ever found yourself in a meeting where maybe a Senior Engineer suggests a suboptimal design, and the group just seems to concur? Or maybe the reverse, you missed something, and no one mentioned it until it was too late, if ever?

These scenarios often have an element of groupthink involved.


Groupthink explains our tendency to favor harmony or conformity in a group that can result in an unchallenged and poor quality decision making.

Groupthink occurs when the thinking of a group regresses towards the views of certain group member/s.

Groupthink is very common on tech projects in my experience. Someone dominant or senior will make a suggestion and everyone follows. A bit of bandwagon effect.

It can happen in all types of…



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